Circle of Lights 2011

The festival "Circle of Lights" took place between the 20th and 23th of october 2011 and was intiated by the city of moscow for the first time and showed off about 360 light and videoinstallations at major places all over the city. At felt sibirian air temperatures on the red square, the already virtual preprogrammed show was adjusted to reality.

For a better workflow, the programming of the more then 1400 movinglights was split to three programmers and 2 lighting directors. While Michael Kuehbandner was responsible for the creative lighting design and programming of the Basilica and the Historical Museum, Roland Greil worked on the Kremlin Wall and the Gum shopping center and Tobi Heydthausen programmed the lights for the center stage. Marc Brunkhard and Michael Baganz were on duty as lighting directors, Jerry Appelt was in charge of the lighting design.