Ana Arabiah Award Show Riyadh 2019

Riyadh, the capital of the largest economy in the Middle East, has opened its doors to the world like never before, with the launch of Riyadh Season, the biggest cultural and entertainment program in Saudi Arabia's history. In the course of Riyadh Seasons the “Ana Arabia” fair took place at the Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University showcasing the designs and creative works of Arab woman “in cultural growth and evolution.” A lush and glamorous evening event featuring an award show and the appearance of famous singer and artist Ahlam Al Shamsi was planned as the highlight of the event.

Michael Kuehbandner was tasked by lighting designer Toto Broecking to program and operate the keylight for the show. Unfortunately the event was canceled only hours before the start through the goverment due to a sandstorm warning.