Brandner Kaspar

Based on Franz von Kobell's story, the new concept of lyricist Karl-Heinz Hummel, composer Christian Auer, TV and theater director Thomas Stammberger and set designer and figure maker Georg Jenisch aims at a largely neglected aspect of the subject: settled in the Bavarian „Raunacht“ of the winter, besides the bizarre comedy parts, the mystical, sensual and supersensible of history came to the fore. The complexity, which arises through the use of all artistic means of theater - acting, music and singing, puppetry, stage and lighting technology - as well as the associative narrative style actively challenge the audience and take them on an imaginative winter journey.

Michael Kuehbandner developed the creative lighting design together with lighting designer Charly Pauli on site and was responsible for the programming of the lighting and the mediaserver and also for the operating during the run of the show.