EURO 2020 - Final Draw Bucharest - 2019

Bucharest did host this times draw for the groups of the European Football Championship – Euro 2020. The event took place at the Romexpo exhibition center, in Northern Bucharest, in the presence of some of the biggest Names in European football. As opening sequence for the international guests a spectacular and visual beautiful artistic show was performed live on stage. The show featured the aerial artist group Les 7 Doigts from Montreal together with Music from Martin Garrix, performed by the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra.

After the Draw the upper levels of the Romexpo round transformed into a lush event area with several stages and food booths with specialties from all host countrys.

Henning Schletter was the lighting designer for the whole event. Michael Kuehbandner was responsible for the lighting direction of the opening sequence as well as for several other timecoded lightshows during the event.