Purple Schulz Remote Show Production 2020

Recently, a collaboration came about that could not replace live music in the future, but could change it long lasting. Specifically, this involved a concert in which all the components were completely remotely controlled. The concert was recorded in Bottrop, Germany, while lighting programmer and director Marc Brunkhardt, sat behind a grandMA3 full-size in Frankfurt, Germany, controlling the rig remotely. Sven Offen from Vienna, Austria, was directing the broadcast, while the cameras were controlled from Mainz, Germany. The sound was mixed from Cologne, Germany, and New York, USA. While all remote stations were connected via standard connections, the other end in Bottrop was connected via two 10mB DSL uploads and a couple of 4G and 5G routers with consumer SIM cards.

Michael Kuehbandner was asked by Roland Greil to work with him on the design, the CAD drawings, preprogramming and visualisation.

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