O2 goes Telefonica Incentive 2011

The intention of the event was to manifest the name change of O2 to Telefonica. The two big global Players in mobile communication brought their forces together already in 2010, so now it was the time for the identy change and to communicate this emphatic to the staff. Therefore a tremendous event was held into the Olympiahall in Munich. The stage for the first half of the event was covered with a gigantic floor video projection, which was used in various ways. After the main presentation people were invited to dinner to several stations in the hall. The main attraction and a big surprise was for sure the appearance of "Sportfreunde Stiller" who played about an hour, before the hall transformed again, into a whopping club with differernt floors. The Lighting design for the whole event was done by Michael Kuehbandner on behalf of Limelight.