Vesak Day Singapore 2015

The Vesak Day in Singapore is a holy day celebrated by Buddhists. It represents the birth, the Nirvana (enlightenment) and the Parinirvana (death) of Gautama Buddha and is the most significant day of the Buddhist calendar. The Singapore Buddhist Federation organised a special concert “Blissful Vesak Peaceful Singapore” at the Singapore Indoor Stadium to celebrate Vesak Day and Singapore’s 50th birthday. The guest of honour for the night was Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The stadium was filled with 6400 audience members – a sold out show!

Michael Kuehbandner and Thomas Doehring from einstein & sons successfully delivered the design and programming of a kinetic light installation with 108 indvidually movable and light emitting spheres. This kind of installation was a game changer at that time and took place long before similar setups hit the european market.