Audi Sport Training 2015

Audi newly opened a dynamic drive area at the Munich Airport where attendees of all future Audi central launch trainings can test drive the new Audi models. To celebrate the opening the Audi Sport Training took place. Selected employees from all over the world were invited over a period of six weeks to a high class motorsport event. The attendees could take a test drive in actual Audi R8 models as well as actual DTM Racing R8 and TT models driven by professionall racing drivers as a front seat passenger. A gocart circuit was built where the participants were racing each other on several laps in an tournament. Later they were invited to a BBQ dinner and a subsequent party with live rock`nĀ“roll music performed by the Audi CLT Band.

Michael Kuehbandner was responsible for the video and lighting design of the event which included everything from the lighting of the racetrack to ambient lighting to the live stage lighting and video content creation as well as managing the single parts to the big whole.