Willy Astor - 30 Jahre Buehnenhonig - 2015

Willy Astor, probably Germany's most famous wordplay artist and comedian, the unrivaled king of wordplay or genius „Sinnverdreher“ was celebrating a remarkable 30 year stage anniversary. Therefore a 2 1/2 hour TV show took place at the famous Munich Circus Krone. Numerous guest stars like Gerhard Polt, Piet Glocke, Max Mutzke and the Spider Murphy Gang performed together with Willy Astor in a lush and entertaining evening show.

Michael Kuehbandner did the programming for lighting desinger Karl-Heinz „Charly“ Pauli from the BR. The challenge was to programm a feature length live performance show in about 5 hours without having proper rehearsals but instead facing a lot of dark horses.

Please find a link to the online recording here!