Chance Encounters, London Design Week 2016

Chance Encounters, is a collaborative installation by international design practice HASSELL and Michael Kuehbandner in the course of the London Design Week. It is a celebration of the unforeseeable outcomes of the random, the unknown, the unplanned and the unpredictable.Opening in the design practice’s new Shoreditch studio, Chance Encounters is an exploration of how thoughtful design can bring people together in unexpected and positive ways. The immersive installation uses interactive digital technologies and lighting design hidden amongst a beautifully crafted backdrop to create a playful and surprising experience which responds to the presence of visitors and encourages their interaction with the space and each other.

Michael Kuehbandner developed the creative concept and the technical implementation for the interactive elements as well as for the lighting design. Several Kinect cameras and 54m of single pixel LED stripes and 2 video projectors were used to programm an immersive and exciting experience.