Rock Meets Classic Tour 2018

The successful show Rock Meets Classic went into the next round. With the Mat Sinner Band, the RMC Symphony Orchestra and the crème de la crème of rock music, the show was again great success in 2018 with the most positive feedback from press and audience. Francis Rossi (Status Quo), Leo Leoni and Nic Maeder (Gotthard), Eric Brazilian (The Hooters) and Michael Sadler (Saga) were featured at Rock Meets Classic 2018 and did their magic with great songs and great atmosphere.

Michael Kuehbandner was asked by musical directors Mat Sinner and Jimmy Kresic and Producer Manfred Hertlein to bring a breath of fresh air into the lighting and video design. It was a quite a challenge to fit the demands in lighting and video design into last years budget but the outcome was received very well.