MIELE @ Zona Tortona 2018

A combination of product demonstration and brand presentation was promised by the Miele event "Creating New Dimensions" in the famous Zona Tortona Design mile. In the 5 days run around 40,000 visitors found their way to the Padiglione during the day, which in the evening turned into an exclusive dinner location for 120 invited guests.

Michael Kuehbandner was tasked by Adhoc engineering and Henning Schletter to design and program various timecoded lighting shows alongside a lush and extraordinary 360° multimedia show. A kinetic structure made up of 730 mirror prisms, formed both a media surface and a constantly changing wall. The 730 prisms created an infinity room and produced surprising reflections of the displayed media content and stunning visual effects.

Special Tanks to Wunderland for providing the amazing video documentation!