Maruti Suzuki at India Auto Expo Delhi 2018

Built around the theme of transformation, the Maruti Suzuki pavilion at Delhi Auto Expo 2018 had the largest vehicle display with a spectacle of over 18 vehicle models on display. Promised as the most awaited launch at Auto Expo 2018, the all-new Swift was, of course, be the high point followed by the ‘ConceptFutureS’ which was definetly the showstopper at the 2018 Auto Expo. Concept Future S marks a big shift in the way compact cars are designed in India. The next level of "design evolution” in terms of design proportions, body sculpting and stimulating fusion of bold patterns and superior accent colors has been achieved through the ‘ConceptFutureS’.

Michael Kuehbandner was tasked by Media-Con GmbH to do the creative lighting design for several timecode reveal shows during the press conference and for the programming and operating on site together with Markus Neubauer.