UEFA Draw Ceremony Monaco 2018

Once again we followed the invitation of UEFA to the hootest soccer event in Summer - The Champions League and Europa League Group Stage Draw Ceremonys at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. A highclass TV Show with about 30 Million Viewers worldwide took place in Grand Auditorium of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Between the draws a lot of award ceremonys took place. The Goalkeeper of the year award was won by Keylor Navas, Defender of the year went to Sergio Ramos, Midfielder of the year is Luka Modric, and the Forward of the year went to Christiano Ronaldo who couldnĀ“t be in Monaco to accept the trophy. Furthermore Womens Player of the year (Pernille Harder) and Mens Player of the year (Luka Modric) have been announced in Monaco.

Michael Kuehbandner was tasked by Production Office and Lighting Designer Henning Schletter for the creative lighting design, programming and operating during the event.